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Please contact Zack Palen or his beautiful wife Renea to get set up with Discipleship. 


Discipleship is a 4 week(one hour per week) awesome one on one basic introduction to God that will help you understand how to pray, read the Bible, become a Christian, and in short how to experience God and a life you've always wanted!!  It's a judgement-free environment where you can ask questions about God and Christianity.  We'll help you fill in the blanks, and we DON'T teach religion, we teach the Word of God from the Word of God (The Bible!)

Over 1000 people have been through Discipleship at our church and LOVED it!!

Refresher for week 1 of discipleship

Click on the video below for a quick and easy explanation of how to read the Bible

Week 2 Discipleship training

Week 3 Discipleship

Week 4 Discipleship